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Honda Oil Changes in Monroe

Oil Change

The service team here at Victory Honda of Monroe has carried out thousands of Honda oil changes in Monroe, so we’re more than familiar with why this routine maintenance task is so important. With that in mind, we thought we’d put together this quick and easy guide to help drivers across Toledo get to grips with all the oil change basics they need to know.

Simply read on to find out:

  • How Oil Protects Your Engine
  • Why Oil Changes Are Important
  • How You Can Tell an Oil Change is Needed

How Oil Protects Your Engine

Your vehicle’s oil might not seem so important, but it works hard during every drive to keep your engine running in good condition. Its most important responsibilities include:

  • Circulating Cool Oil and Preventing Friction to Avoid Overheating
  • Providing Lubrication to Prevent Metal-on-Metal Contact
  • Collecting Contaminants to Prevent Clogs
  • Circulating Cleaning Agents to Prevent Corrosion


Why Oil Changes Are Important

As you can tell, your vehicle will be in danger of everything from overheating to serious internal damage if you don’t drive without enough engine oil, but why do you need to keep changing that oil?

Unfortunately, even the best engine oil becomes less effective over time. Contaminants can build up, and the oil itself will start to break down. Eventually, your old oil won’t be able to perform properly.


How You Can Tell an Oil Change is Needed

If you’re worried an oil change might be necessary, simply:

  • Allow your engine to cool.
  • Pop the hood and find the oil reservoir.
  • Pull out the dipstick and check out the oil. If it isn’t clear and amber, schedule servicing so you can have your oil changed.

Further warning signs include:

  • Visible Exhaust Fumes
  • Check Engine or Oil Change Light
  • Rumbling or Knocking Sounds from the Engine
  • Smell of Oil in Your Vehicle


Schedule Your Honda Oil Changes in Monroe with Victory Honda of Monroe

Whether you’re looking for competitive service specials to help yourself save on routine tasks or any further servicing tips and advice, we’ll be happy to help. For any further assistance or information, feel free to get in touch today.


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