Dealership Mechanics vs. Independent Shops

September 13th, 2021 by
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Have you been driving around Toledo and noticed that your check engine light is illuminated? It may be time for regular maintenance, and you could often find yourself wondering whether to choose dealership mechanics vs. independent shops around Monroe. If you’re interested in learning more about your best maintenance options, turn to the experts at Victory Honda Monroe so you can make a more informed decision. For more information, feel free to contact us anytime!

Service Speed: Dealerships Mechanics vs. Independent Shops

If you’re like most in Detroit, you have a jam packed schedule throughout the day, and don’t have the time to wait days for your vehicle to get serviced. Because dealerships have more help on hand and more experienced technicians, your wait time is significantly decreased. Therefore, the more technicians and proper tools you have on hand, the faster you’ll be getting back on the road.

OEM Parts: Dealership Mechanics vs. Independent Shops

When comparing dealership mechanics vs. independent shops, one of the benefits of choosing the dealer is that they have access to OEM parts from the manufacturer. If you choose an independent mechanic, you might have longer wait times for parts to arrive. With our certified parts department, most parts for your vehicle will be in stock. Furthermore, you can even order your parts online. If you have any questions, our experienced technicians are available to help!

Experience and Expertise: Dealership Mechanics vs. Independent Shops

The mechanics at dealerships are specially trained by the manufacturer to work on your make and model of car. So, specialists at dealerships have all the latest updates and knowledge directly from the manufacturer, allowing you to experience more peace of mind while driving around Monroe. Therefore, a dealership mechanic can handle any issue that might arise quickly and efficiently. 

Learn More About Vehicle Maintenance at Victory Honda Monroe!

Now that you know more about the difference between dealership mechanics vs. independent shops, it’s clear that the dealership is the best option. If it’s time to get your vehicle serviced, come stop by and see us at Victory Honda Monroe! You can schedule an appointment online, and take advantage of our service specials to save on your next maintenance near Taylor!


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