Best Used Car for a College Student

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There are tons of different decisions that a new student needs to make before heading to campus, and one of the biggest is “Do you need a car for college?” The answer varies from university to university, so it pays to do a little research. Additionally, Victory Honda Monroe is here with some tips and tricks to help you navigate the Toledo roads like a pro. Let’s get started!

Can You Bring Your Car to College?

Before you determine whether you want to bring your vehicle, can you bring your car to college at all? Every college sets its own rules, so be sure to see what rules and restrictions apply to you. For example, some universities have limited parking and only allow sophomores and above to bring a car. Other campuses have no restrictions. 

Do You Need a Car for College?

So, do you need a car for college? There are pros and cons either way. Bringing your vehicle gives you extra freedom to explore Detroit, but also greater responsibility that may or may not be worthwhile. Here are some things to consider:

  • Costs: Insurance, maintenance, gas, parking passes (and parking tickets!) can all take up a serious chunk of change from your budget. However, you might find the costs of your car are less than the costs of public transportation and delivery services.
  • Theft: Theft can be common on university campuses, so we recommend leaving your car as empty as possible. Be sure to check on your car regularly and consider a steering wheel lock to deter thieves.
  • Insurance: When it’s time to update your insurance, see if you can get a low-mileage discount while you’re on campus. Most students find that they drive less and walk more during college years, so you might be able to save some money!

Car Shopping for College Students

What’s the best used car for a college student? Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Honda Fit: The subcompact Honda Fit is small on the outside with a shockingly spacious interior, thanks to Honda’s signature Magic Seat® design.
  • Honda Civic: Tried and true, the Honda Civic is a fuel-efficient compact car that can fit down narrow roads and tight parking spaces without missing a beat.
  • Honda CR-V: The versatile Honda CR-V offers a spacious and comfortable interior, along with a smaller footprint and more fuel-efficient performance than other SUVs on the market.

Learn More with Victory Honda Monroe

From routine maintenance to auto financing, the team at Victory Honda Monroe is here to deliver quality automotive sales and service to all Taylor students. Contact us with any questions!


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